Browns vs. Steelers Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs

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5 days ago

The Cleveland Browns take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Super Wild Card Weekend of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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Stark Raven
Stark Raven 5 hours ago
The Browns now carry all of Ohio's football hopes upon their shoulders. They are no longer The Joke. Rejoice, Browns fans, that your team could do what the Bungles could not, win a playoff game. Against those reviled Steelers in the bargain. We shall cheer the Browns on and hope, for your long suffering sakes, o Browns fans, that this season was not a fluke. Enjoy your season, and may the Browns give the Chiefs hell.
Mettaton Neo
Mettaton Neo 6 hours ago
Roethlisberger looked like Manziel out there.
Ancienne Belgique
Ancienne Belgique 8 hours ago
Ratpissgurgler on suicide watch
Mono 8 hours ago
Adam Murray
Adam Murray 9 hours ago
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Moonroof 9 hours ago
Baker and Browns are legit
senni bgon
senni bgon 9 hours ago
There are two types of people “Ben had the best 4 interception game ever” “Ben had the worst 500 passing yard game ever”
Jonathan Mudd
Jonathan Mudd 9 hours ago
I was cheering for the browns like they were my team always nice to see an underdog achieve
King Friday
King Friday 9 hours ago
2020: titans beat pats ending their Dynasty 2021: Browns become an underdog team
BeyondSkylines 9 hours ago
I feel for Steelers fans lmfaoo this is how I felt when the dolphins played the bills I was so disappointed 😹😹☠️ I’m rooting for the brows tho hope you guys keep going hard!
Michael Kasmer
Michael Kasmer 9 hours ago
Wear orange pants! One game in the last 3 years they lost wearing orange pants, facts ( LV Raiders). Something about them Browns come to o Play
kodie 10 hours ago
I almost forgot to watch this today
senni bgon
senni bgon 9 hours ago
There are two types of people “Ben had the best 4 interception game ever” “Ben had the worst 500 passing yard game ever”
Alvi Rashid
Alvi Rashid 11 hours ago
No one: Baker mayfield: tUrbO
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman 11 hours ago
What's up with all the god comments?
Nick C
Nick C 11 hours ago
Juju: "the browns is the browns" Browns: :"...and then i just started blasting!"
The Northie
The Northie 11 hours ago
The Browns have officially traded their “Factory of Sadness” to the Steelers.
Master Pooshi
Master Pooshi 11 hours ago
A A juju
The_Crimson_Wolf_0315 12 hours ago
As a Washington fan, I'm jealous. We'd have survived another round if we could have played the Steelers lmao. I'm happy for the Browns fans. I hope a ringless AFC team wins it all.
Lxgend 12 hours ago
i think its a good thing the steelers lost. god knows what the chiefs wouldve done to that team
Jeff Swanson
Jeff Swanson 12 hours ago
Duration of video: 11:52 REAL duration of video: 14 seconds
Francisco Contreras
Francisco Contreras 13 hours ago
Randy qquaint
Randy qquaint 13 hours ago
11:16 it sounds like Roethlisberger's screaming right when he throws lol
Peace Maker
Peace Maker 13 hours ago
Out of all 24 years of my young life , this game here was definitely the GREATEST win I've witnessed to see from the brownies as a diehard cleveland fan
Inhumane Person
Inhumane Person 13 hours ago
The _Stealers_ lived up to their name, because that ball got stolen every other minute.
Kelvin Cullen
Kelvin Cullen 13 hours ago
Go Browns!!
jjbamaman97 13 hours ago
This is Day's of our Steelers
Kaliappan Stubbs
Kaliappan Stubbs 13 hours ago
Did anyone notice the opening play was just like the opening play when the Seahawks and the broncos played in the super bowl and then the broncos went downhill after that play just like the Steelers went down the hill after the play I guess that's what happens Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania when you switch from Republican to Democrats you're f****** idiots
Riddle Gunner
Riddle Gunner 14 hours ago
Pittsburgh played like they didn't practice..🤣🤣
Wayne1359 14 hours ago
As a dogged Pats fan and seeing the Browns in the cellar for so long it does my heart good to see a team like this who work so hard prevail. GO BROWNS
Champagne Kev
Champagne Kev 14 hours ago
They def shaved some points 🤔 looks type sus
BURGERgio 15 hours ago
When the Browns have a big lead and play prevent defense 🤦‍♂️. Look at the Cowboys game this season. Perfect example of what happened. I predict the Browns will be up on the Chiefs and play prevent defense then they can’t come back.
Michael J. K.
Michael J. K. 15 hours ago
Wish my Gramps was around to see this, mostly so I could rub it in his face!!!!! He was a Steelers fan lol. Love you Pap!!!
Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker 16 hours ago
I hope Kareem Hunt has a monster game against the Chiefs 🪓 How ironic would it be for the Browns to win on a go ahead touchdown from Hunt 🤔
Kyle Deming
Kyle Deming 16 hours ago
Browns still managed to kick ass without jack Conklin. That dude is a monster. I’d say best offensive lineman in the nfl is quenton Nelson and then a close second is jack conklin. When he went out I thought the browns were screwed but they survived,
david lil
david lil 16 hours ago
Big Ben really showed up for the Browns😏
CK - 16
CK - 16 17 hours ago
"Browns are the Browns", huh?
Perturabo 17 hours ago
Wish the guy who wanted browns pallbearers so they can “let him down one last time” was still alive to see this.
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines 9 hours ago
Boy, that joke is as old as the hills!
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Channel Dad Bryon Lape 17 hours ago
The Steelers lost. That's all that matters.
Andren A Willeam
Andren A Willeam 17 hours ago
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willkittwk 17 hours ago
They got 9 yards on 1st play run then a couple goofy pass plays and then a punt?
willkittwk 17 hours ago
Sloppy game OK and blah blah blah. All that not said the single most play that lost the game was not going for it 4th and 1 at 50 yard line in 4th quarter when Steelers were on a roll. They gave up momentum and that gave Browns a resurgence. That sealed the Steelers doom.
Antone Wilson
Antone Wilson 17 hours ago
That brown lookin more and more orange 🍊
Paul Douris
Paul Douris 18 hours ago
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon
Al Depantchu
Al Depantchu 18 hours ago
My god, Conner is so slow.
Denis Johnson
Denis Johnson 18 hours ago
*Steelers - when down to the RAVENS; regular season or playoffs for the last 30 years:* “No deficit is too great! Whatever it takes! Let’s rewrite history & deliver their heartbreak! We’re the G.O.A.T.s!” *Steelers - when down to the Browns at the very beginning of the 1st quarter:* “Aiight, I’mma head on out. Good season, boyz.” 🤦🏽‍♂️😈 #AFCNorth
Austin Solom
Austin Solom 18 hours ago
Tonight... On where is my liquor
Caleb Foose
Caleb Foose 19 hours ago
Steelers losing the game already in the first.
D H 19 hours ago
2 games...back to back losses to the Browns..and they weren't at full strength..
monmixer 20 hours ago
Art Modell ruined football for me. I could exited as hell just listening to a Browns game on the radio at work if I couldn't watch it. Now you could give my own seat with a fridge full of beer and hot wings with a seat for my best bud right on the other side of that table 20 feet in the air on the 50 yard line and I would turn it down.
Latoya Wise
Latoya Wise 20 hours ago
Big Ben is trash
lyndon thomas
lyndon thomas 20 hours ago
Hubobrus jjbibri Axx ;*7/=©€¶÷׶ TO IT AUA
Jeff Sharpe
Jeff Sharpe 21 hour ago
Browns on 🔥
COSMIC ROAR 21 hour ago
Off tops, you could tell Cleveland wants the rematch with Baltimore. If the Browns play like this against KC, that game is going to be the highlight of the playoffs.
Da King of Scarab
Da King of Scarab 21 hour ago
The editing is bothering me ngl
Da King of Scarab
Da King of Scarab 21 hour ago
Is it just me or does the editing seem weird today?
DR.OGBleh 2
DR.OGBleh 2 22 hours ago
Surprised juju didn’t dances on the logo
Cat i's
Cat i's 22 hours ago
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football 22 hours ago
This browns side against the chiefs will be interesting
r3dragon11 22 hours ago
The browns is the browns.
NickZilla Z
NickZilla Z 23 hours ago
Hey I'm a huge giant's fan and the team I want to win the superbowl or go there are the browns, bill and the Buccaneers
Nimfa McDonald
Nimfa McDonald 23 hours ago
On that first snap... can the Pitt center get credit for a TD pass?
MaliciousMarcus 23 hours ago
Me playing on all madden be like
BigBlack Day ago
Kansas City upset the balance of football by winning the Super Bowl last we got the Browns going to the playoffs??? Glitch In the matrix for sure for sure
Kyle C.
Kyle C. Day ago
Bye bye Ben rothlesraper. 😂😂😂😂😂
D_Kochmemer Day ago
Congrats to the Browns and there fans! I am a Seahawks fan and we are out of the playoffs..... So i am picking the Browns as my team and really want to see them win! So come on Cleveland lets go get Bowns-thugs-n-Harmony and get that Cleveland anthem going!
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Day ago
the things to come.
RISHAB Ashok Day ago
The world literally went to hell and back before the Browns won a playoff game
butti fdft
butti fdft Day ago
They are such a mood
Braeden Flannery
Braeden Flannery Day ago
I’m just happy watching the Steelers crumble
Dope Hazard
Dope Hazard Day ago
Steelers are such trash 😂 cakewalk schedule, playing Baltimore's backups, and think they nice. Happy to see them lose. Steelers is the Steelers man. 🤣
ninjahman Day ago
What's crazy is cleveland browns was 0-16 2 years ago
butti fdft
butti fdft Day ago
Cleveland might be a serious threat
Derek Bodden Jr.
Derek Bodden Jr. Day ago
I just realized that the jets had a better record at the end of the season than the Steelers. Steelers lost 4 out of their 5 games and the jets lost 4 out of their 2 last games. Isn’t that just sad
Ivan Wilson
Ivan Wilson Day ago
I will say, Karl Joseph was a hell of a off-season pickup. Hope he sticks around.
GWS Day ago
This team is the best Browns team since 1987 with The Fumble.
Junior Bustamante
Junior Bustamante Day ago
Scripted ass game fucken actors I don’t believe in football no more 🖕
longbeach225 Day ago
Browns whoop Steelers ass!
Brandon Vilssaint
Brandon Vilssaint Day ago
Corvette corvette
Mickele Bruner
Mickele Bruner Day ago
Kudos to the browns being the laughing stock of the NFL to doing what y'all did this year. But being the Chiefs fan I am, I would like to give y'all some advice, I would highly recommend y'all don't use the same pass coverage against us as you did with the Steelers. If you do I'll promise you Hill will end up with 600 receiving yards and your gonna end up playing the bench after halftime.
Jc10Art Day ago
Toda la temporada estaban ya festejando y pum los browns se los bailaron
ourforgiveness *com
ourforgiveness *com Day ago
elNano Day ago
Who is here because corvette remix
Rachel Kirin
Rachel Kirin Day ago
I love my team🧡
Candace Delgado
Candace Delgado Day ago
The different joke neurobiologically fetch because hardcover affectively hug per a sick sarah. next, terrible detective
Karate Kenny
Karate Kenny Day ago
Still Trending damnnnnnnnn
Cleveland might be a serious threat
Nimfa McDonald
Nimfa McDonald Day ago
That first snap never gets old...
A Hersi
A Hersi Day ago
The Amazing Steelers. The Super Bowl Dreamers In the Wild Card. Steelers fan "I beg you Hide my Words in the History Section"
La Plaga
La Plaga Day ago
Just came here to make fun of Steeler fans😂😂😂
PandaGoat 1132
PandaGoat 1132 Day ago
Alternative title: Browns highlights
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland Day ago
In observation there is only pure perception not the interpretation of that perception by thought. If you can find the root of fear then unconscious and conscious fears can be understood.
Nimfa McDonald
Nimfa McDonald Day ago
The essence of effervescence is the precious premonition of precocious pedantics.
이서로 Day ago
시즌 막판에 망가지는 모습보이던 스틸러스. 개 코미디 찍었습니다. ㅋㅋㅋ
MGTOW Freedom
MGTOW Freedom Day ago
Yao Ming wouldn't have caught that snap.
pls dont
pls dont Day ago
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford Day ago
Pittsburgh is a wonderful American city and Cleveland- is just Cleveland’! I lived in both and Pittsburgh beats living in Cleveland any time! Love our Steelers, good or bad!
Ewolf5150 13 hours ago
Cleveland till I die!
Nimfa McDonald
Nimfa McDonald Day ago
Each city was better when you lived in the other.
My name is Ricky
My name is Ricky Day ago
Not this time or the one previously
Ketchup Day ago
The fact that it took 1:23 seconds for there to be a steelers highlight fills me with joy
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Day ago
You're so great ??
Marxelo world322
Marxelo world322 Day ago
The Browns made Juju Look FuFu
Marxelo world322
Marxelo world322 Day ago
Steelers The Cotton Curtain.
inspire Styling
inspire Styling Day ago
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Day ago
Nothing to see here folks! Just the "same old browns!"
Jonny Depth
Jonny Depth Day ago
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