chinchillacat 17 hours ago
The amount of holding that teams get away with against AD is criminal.
Azem Bejta
Azem Bejta 17 hours ago
Lets be great, be dominant, set the tone 99 dt for rams the captain 03 qb for seahawks captain Beginging of the game different team different positions Same captain roles Same message and standards ...great to hear the similarities in these 2 leaders and how they demonstrate by actions words and encouraging greatness from everyone awesome
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler 17 hours ago
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Pierson Strandquist
Pierson Strandquist 17 hours ago
...especially Matt Nagy - everything he did with him 🤦
Pierson Strandquist
Pierson Strandquist 17 hours ago
As a Bears fan, I hope he succeeds somewhere else. Keeping Nagy a mistake.
Jaccobtw 17 hours ago
Dashante Adams is the best receiver rn no cap
joe smith
joe smith 17 hours ago
only time brady beat manning was in shitty wheather in new england and manning has beaten brady in nice wheather!
Canna Vega
Canna Vega 17 hours ago
cant wait to see mike evans record 0 receptions on 2 targets
Samuel McMillin
Samuel McMillin 17 hours ago
Tyreek hill v.s. denzeil ward? 2 of the fastest players in the NFL
Rosaline Jackson
Rosaline Jackson 17 hours ago
Dude tom brady is the slowest nfl player
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 17 hours ago
And Dunn is a nobody compared to the Steelers players. Did a hell of a job, just like Blake Hance did! Best: even the WR are blocking. Thats a good team culture and they built it up in just one (!) year.
Andrew Fung
Andrew Fung 17 hours ago
1:27 that was definitely a trap defense because he has safety over the top
shanmukha ajoji
shanmukha ajoji 17 hours ago
hill vs ward?
Arkinsaw2019 17 hours ago
If I hear USAA one more time I’m going to scream
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 17 hours ago
Adams is gonna torch Ramsey all day.
Ron hobbz
Ron hobbz 17 hours ago
FYI only good teams greenbay beat is saints and titans ppl git stop acting like the rams aren't gonna be a challenge
Master Wright
Master Wright 17 hours ago
russ was running for his life out there lol
CK - 16
CK - 16 17 hours ago
"Browns are the Browns", huh?
Juiceman 562
Juiceman 562 17 hours ago
Best CB duo in the NFL . Darious Williams is underrated asf . He so good
Ali Ahsan
Ali Ahsan 17 hours ago
10:26 😮😮
Jonathan Luck
Jonathan Luck 17 hours ago
I only at the game for Kareem.
Jones Orock
Jones Orock 17 hours ago
can someone tell me her name 5:06
Samuel A
Samuel A 17 hours ago
I feel bad for Russell.......he just can't seem to win inn the playoffs
CK - 16
CK - 16 17 hours ago
The Browns went 0-16 in my freshman year (high school). I'm a senior now, and look where we are 😁
AZA 17 hours ago
So MUCH budget ...
Frank Hughes
Frank Hughes 17 hours ago
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Mira HALIM 17 hours ago
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Perturabo 17 hours ago
Wish the guy who wanted browns pallbearers so they can “let him down one last time” was still alive to see this.
Elaine Campian
Elaine Campian 17 hours ago
this is unwatchable with the amount of adds
Snipes Lothbrok
Snipes Lothbrok 17 hours ago
10:46 what a hypee...
Munozl360 17 hours ago
Im praying for a good game. I hope the browns play their absolute best so they have no regrets whether they lose or not.
Joe Heaney
Joe Heaney 17 hours ago
And that’s why I don’t watch college football. Every game ends with 50 points on both teams
Youtube Theking
Youtube Theking 17 hours ago
Who is he seems pretty good??
Z Y 17 hours ago
Buccaneers vs. Football Team lmfao
Yuey R
Yuey R 17 hours ago
Who cuts these highlights? You guys missed a whole Aaron Donald sack and other plays
Taydad 17 hours ago
Not sure how this can be topped. Just magnificent.
KOTJ412 17 hours ago
Felt bad for PWill & Frank...if anyone deserved a SB ring it was definitely those two.
Pharrell Bonhomme
Pharrell Bonhomme 17 hours ago
How can you force the chiefs run the ball
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 17 hours ago
When salah goes we need a defensive coach who the the players will run thru brick walls for like they did with salah
Bezi BB
Bezi BB 17 hours ago
So Hill vs Ward won't be one? okay I see...
G.A T Z K E 17 hours ago
I mean it didn't seem like he had a bad year. Give em some time it's only his rookie year
SuitingMangoArmy TV
SuitingMangoArmy TV 17 hours ago
Cant wait to whoop the rams ass
C Ross
C Ross 17 hours ago
Chiefs fan here... Having watched this team forever, the last few years have proven that this team refuses to tackle. That said, the Browns are going to shove the ball up this defense's ass with the run game. The Chiefs are going to resort to doing what they do best: Play defense like it's 2-hand touch. I can easily see the Browns winning this game.
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Channel Dad Bryon Lape 17 hours ago
The Steelers lost. That's all that matters.
Justin Iske
Justin Iske 17 hours ago
I hope rams win vs green bay
Jeremy Caulk
Jeremy Caulk 17 hours ago
You know you’re the GOAT If you can make a top 50 highlight reel...
ulfguenther 17 hours ago
specualtest halftime show ever?
Ashton Le
Ashton Le 17 hours ago
this was easily the best game ever I remember seeing this live such an amazing game i have to say for a chiefs fan
Ali Ahsan
Ali Ahsan 17 hours ago
Who’s here right before this divisional round matchup ?
Diane Luers
Diane Luers 17 hours ago
Definitely the Ravens. We love being the underdog and having to fight our way to a superbowl. We're the Ravens of Baltimore. No one likes us and always root against us and that's why we are tough as nails and we fight fight fight fight. We believe in us. "BIG TRUSS" Go my Baltimore Ravens. We Believe! 💯🙏👀👁👏🏿🏈
Emjay Davillier
Emjay Davillier 17 hours ago
Ole Boi was paid to miss that tackle... NFL is rigged... I'm not even hatin, I was being selfish that day too.. I wanted my team (the saints) to lose... Ask me why.. Lol
Samuel A
Samuel A 17 hours ago
Damn. Russell may have the worst qb record in the NFL
Amad Ahmed
Amad Ahmed 17 hours ago
They should do Kickball too
LaMb sAuCE
LaMb sAuCE 17 hours ago
13:47 shouldnt have been called a TD. he clearly lost possession, where was this angle during the game? 13:47 is where he loses possession.
Joe O'Brien
Joe O'Brien 17 hours ago
10:43 And Claypool was bitching about the Browns lacking class 😂
Nicholas Karam
Nicholas Karam 17 hours ago
First and foremost... We aren't the "dog pound". We are the DAWG POUND. WOOF WOOF WOOF
Stephen Lipscomb
Stephen Lipscomb 17 hours ago
I swear everything Russell Wilson said was repeated 3 times lol
gate lotusgoldhaven
gate lotusgoldhaven 17 hours ago
The ram is going to gat cook lolol.
SHAZAM ! 17 hours ago
The o line needs to protect mahomes.
The real Mac
The real Mac 17 hours ago
Here after watching Nfl live and... poor guy, didn’t even know he was out of bounds smh lol Damnn Daniel
Jones Orock
Jones Orock 17 hours ago
anyone know the name of the woman talking at 4:07
zx cl
zx cl 17 hours ago
Sorry but browns y'all pass defense is gonna get torched by pat
Bubble 17 hours ago
Me halfway through school: 8:55
Rexy 1776
Rexy 1776 17 hours ago
Marlon is going to be in the slot against Beasley because the Ravens aren’t going to put a 37 year old Tramon Williams against the best slot WR in football with Jimmy Smith against Diggs on the outside.
Jonathan Frimerman
Jonathan Frimerman 17 hours ago
Han Somme
Han Somme 17 hours ago
Steelers were #1 seed for one week
Sergio Moralez
Sergio Moralez 17 hours ago
Coming from a Steelers fan former #1 seed 🤣🤣
Big Donch
Big Donch 17 hours ago
This Super Bowl was just weird in my opinion lol. Not used to watching Superbowls while the sun is still out lol
SDYT 17 hours ago
Worst superbowl ever! And you know what for ALL what happened is responsible ONE GUY: jOE bUCK.
a bored Teenager
a bored Teenager 17 hours ago
Where the cowboys punt?
Bean Dip
Bean Dip 17 hours ago
Sooo what does the wild card game determine?
Andren A Willeam
Andren A Willeam 17 hours ago
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Frank Nice
Frank Nice 17 hours ago
It’s not a popular opinion...but I’m telling you, this game isn’t even going to be close. Rams win.